Pay about 30% less than grocery store prices

Your Imperfect box is affordable, customizable, and delicious!

Choose exactly what you want each week


Delivered right to your door and skip when you want


Save produce that might otherwise go to waste

Choose from our 4 box types


Most Popular

100% certified-organic mix of fruit and veggies. Perfect for weekly cooking and snacking!

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Mixed Fruit & Veggie

Best Value

A mix of delicious fruits and veggies. Great for saving money and eating healthy.                                    

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All Fruit

For the Fruit Lovers

All the fruit you could ever want! This box is ideal for snacking, baking, and juicing.                   

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All Veggie

For the Veggie Lovers

All veggies, all the time! Great for weekly meal planning and stocking up on staples.

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People love eating ugly!

"As a single working mom, I don't have a lot of free time and organic produce is far outside our budget. We are blessed that [our church's food bank] gathers food from stores that carry whole, organic foods, but we do not get fresh produce often. [Imperfect] has been an answer to prayer for me. Being able to order fresh produce weekly will help me build strong and healthy kiddos!"

-Erika Beasley from San Clemente

"I opened my front door and stumbled upon my Imperfect box- I forgot it was coming! I quickly opened it and got SO excited to see the kiwis, oranges, radishes, bell peppers...! It was very hard to resist calling in sick to spend my morning cooking up a mean omelette. I'm incredibly happy to have fresh fruits and vegetables (even organic!) delivered to my door."

-Camellia S. from Los Angeles

"After moving to CA from farm-friendly WI, I gave up on finding the kind of affordable CSA box like I was accustomed to. Four years later, here YOU are! I love my box of not-really-very-ugly-at-all produce. Such an affordable way to support organic farming. I really appreciate that. I'm excited about this."

-Amanda G. from Oakland

"...I've never seen a sweet potato the size of my head!! ;) I've subscribed to and then cancelled CSAs before because there was too much produce I didn't like. [Imperfect] solves that problem by allowing me to customize each box. It's also so convenient to wake up and have the box on my doorstep. I love that you deliver overnight so I don't have wilted produce. Great job so far, and I'm looking forward to more!"

-Sheri J. from Culver City

"After I got my first package, I went from obsessed to very, very obsessed. Seriously, ask any of my friends and family. I can't stop telling them about how happy I am with my first box."

-Ameena K. from Los Angeles

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